Saturday, January 15, 2011

Free Search Group

Application for Android™ platform, showing on "radar" those who is in 300 meters and running this application. Starting this application as if you go to free search hoping to find somebody. Maybe even some kind of intelligent life form. Just like in Noon Universe of Boris and Arkady Strugatsky.

Application is now in beta testing stage.

Note, this application produces a traffic: every 5-10-20-30 seconds (tunable) it queries server for somebody near you. The requests and answers are small, though because of frequency it could be several megabytes in a day if running permanently.

There is a web-emulator to make it possible to emulate neighbours. This is a quick hack for purposes. Feel free to use it to emulate somebody near you. It's easy: run application, go to emulator, find and zoom where you are now (it must be a marker in place of your location) click somewhere near you. The new marker will be created that will emulate your neighbour. Your could drag and drop this marker and create more markers by just clicking on the map. Your moving will be reflected by the emulator and all manipulation with markers will be reflected by radar of the application.

Free Search Group application (15.01.2011)